Our mission is to produce the cleanest and highest quality bee products for the world. To guarantee the premium quality, our beehives are in the most ideal locations deep in the pristine forests of southern Finland’s countryside.

Hikiän is Demeter certified biodynamic honey from Finland, Winner of Gulfood Innovations Award 2018 and Winner of Organic Award NOPA HK 2017. Products are third party tested 100 % free from pesticides, herbicides, and GMO. More info here.

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1. Very low HMF value

Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) is an organic compound formed by the break-down product of fructose and level ranges from 0 to 40 mg/kg. According to Finland’s Beekeeping Association 15 mg/kg is considered as good quality and maximum allowable level is 40mg/kg.

Hikiän HMF level is 3,3 mg/kg. This indicates that the product is very close to the state it is in the hive. Lower the HMF level is more enzyme activity and healing power can be expected. This also means that there is less processing such as refining, filtering, heating, and treating.

2. 100% from Finland

Hikiän bee farm has been existing already for three generations. Beehives have been in the same place for over 70 years. We are using the traditional and sustainable beekeeping methods, for example the beehives are made from wood which provides the bees as natural living habitat as possible. This is also one of the reasons why we can keep the HMF level so low.

3. Pristine forests and premium air quality

Finland has the best air quality of the world (WHO). Read more from here. Clean climate is one thing we are proud of, and we want to cherish.

Finland is also one of the greenest countries in the world where about 75 % of the area is covered by pristine forest. Read more from here.

Hikiä is a small village in the southern part of Finland, approximately 75 km north from the capital Helsinki. This is the location of Hikiän Premium Honey. Countryside, where the beehives can stay undisturbed in the deep and clean forest. Perfect location to produce pure honey.

4. Very short harvesting season

The honey season at Hikiän lasts annually only 8 weeks. It is one of the shortest honey seasons in the world. The short season makes Hikiän products rare and exclusive, and very limited as we must consider that we leave some honey for the bees as well, so they will survive the long and cold winter.

5. No restriction on plant base

We don’t restrict our bees to monofloral areas. We rely on our bees’ intelligence to know what type of nectar, pollen, propolis etc. is needed to survive during the long and cold winter. The main plant base for Hikiän bees is bilberry, lingonberry, heather, and willow herb.


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Biodynamic honey from unspoilt forests of Finland. This pure and 100% natural honey is harvested once a year in August from deep and pristine Finnish forest. Hikiän Biodynamic Honey is created by bees which collect pollen and nectar from the flowers of the ground canopy of Nordic bilberry, lingonberry, heather, willow herb, raspberry and cloudberry.


Hikiän Propolis is a pure superpower from unspoilt Finnish nature. Hikiän bees collect tree sap mainly from pines and spruces, and mix it with enzymes to create propolis. Propolis is enriched in flavonoids, phenol acids and terpene derivatives.


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