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This honey is as raw and natural as possible. It is not heated, treated, filtered, stirred or diluted with any inferior products.

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Pure, natural raw bilberry honey from the unspoilt forests of Finland.

Harvested once a year in August from deep within a Finnish forest, this honey is created by bees which collect pollen and nectar from the flowers of the ground canopy of willowherb, raspberry, cloudberry and lingonberry plants. To this we have added 4% of natural bilberry powder.

Harvested in the perfect environment, ensuring it is free from any harmful chemicals

This honey is as raw and naturally organic as possible. It is not heated, treated, filtered, stirred or diluted with any inferior products. It is free from all traces of GMOs and has extremely low levels of HMF which are a sign that honey has been heated.

Proven health benefits of organic raw bilberry honey

For millennia the health benefits of honey have been recognised, from treating wounds to reducing allergies. We recommend taking one teaspoon of Hikiän raw bilberry honey once a day and three times a day over the winter or during the flu season to help your body’s natural immune system.

The benefits of bilberries and bilberry extract have been established through considerable research studies. These results have shown that bilberries and bilberry extract may:

  • Strengthen blood vessels
  • Improve circulation
  • Prevent cell damage
  • Help in treating retinopathy
  • Help lower blood glucose levels

Quality glass jars for long-lasting goodness

To maintain its goodness, Hikiän raw honey is presented in exquisite violet glass jars which filter out any UV rays in daylight which can be harmful to the honey’s natural health-giving properties.

The perfect and thoughtful gift

In a world that is dominated by high-tech gadgets, it is difficult to find a unique and thoughtful gift. The violet jar Hikiän raw blueberry honey is presented in not only protects the honey inside, but looks stylish and impressive, also making it an impressive gift.

Pure, natural raw honey

Hikiän raw honey is tested yearly for its HMF levels. Latest tests show HMF levels of 3,8 mg/kg which is exceptionally good. Finland’s beekeeping association has set guide levels as follows: maximum allowable = 40mg/kg “Good” Quality = 15 mg/kg. *Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) is a break-down product of fructose. It forms slowly during storage and very quickly when honey is heated. Fresh natural honey can have varying levels of HMF. In the hive honey would normally be below 1 mg/kg but levels soon start to rise with temperatures above 20°C. It is usual for HMF to be below 10 mg/kg in fresh extracted honey. Levels higher than this may indicate excessive heating during the extraction process or packaging process.

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Hikiän raw honey – just as nature intended 

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