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Propolis is a totally natural bee-made product created protect their natural living environment.

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Natural propolis from the unspoilt forests of Finland.

Propolis is a totally natural bee-made product created to protect their natural living environment. In addition to helping to maintain the structure of a beehive, propolis works as a natural antiseptic. It is known as ‘part bee glue, part bee penicillin’! It has powerful sterilisation properties agent which inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Proven health benefits of propolis

Research has proven the anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties of propolis, its ability to protect the liver, increase the body’s natural resistance to viruses and infections, to heal ailments of the mouth and gums, and for the treatment of peptic ulcers, among many. More info – here.

Propolis could inhibit the COVID-19 virus from attaching itself to human cells

While the whole world is gripped by the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, scientists everywhere are working 24/7 to come up with a vaccine to help in the war against the virus.

The way to stop a viral infection is to disable its ability to attach itself to human cells. The research from China included the introduction of a synthetic molecule, N3, which could be a protease inhibitor, in other words, a compound which would stop the COVID-19 virus from attaching itself to human cells, and therefore stopping a person from becoming infected with the virus.

On reading about N3, Muhammad Sahlan (a certified chemical engineer at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia) and his colleagues set about establishing how certain compounds in propolis might affect the COVID-19 virus. To explain further, a compound’s ‘stickyness’, is its ability to attach itself to a protease virus, thus rendering the virus incapable of infecting anyone.

The N3 synthetic molecule had a value of -8.0, while three compounds in propolis identified by Sahlan and his colleagues produced “stickyness” figures of -7.9, -7.6 and -7.5 for Sulawesins a, Sulawesins b, and deoxypodophyllotoxin, respectively. According to Sahlan: “The more negative the value you have, the greater the ability of the compound to stick to the Covid-19 virus, so I say, it seems we have the potential”.

But BBC News state: “Natural medicines which claim their efficacy are proven based on empirical data but have not yet been tested through pre-clinical trials, are categorized as herbal medicine”. So propolis is not a 100% cure for COVID-19 or coronavirus – please remember it. Propolis can only be offered as herbal medicine, not Covid-19 medicine, says Muhammad Sahlan.

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Quality glass jars for long-lasting goodness

To maintain its goodness, Hikiän propolis is presented with a handy dropper in exquisite violet glass bottles which filter out any UV rays in daylight which can be harmful to the products natural health-giving properties.

The perfect and thoughtful gift

In a world that is dominated by high-tech gadgets, it is difficult to find a unique and thoughtful gift. The violet bottle Hikiän propolis is presented in not only protects the propolis inside, but looks stylish, making it an impressive gift.

Using Hikiän propolis

Using the dropper, add between 10-30 drops of propolis into a glass of water, mix and then drink, once a day.

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Hikiän raw propolis – nature’s antiseptic 

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