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Bee exceptional and sponsor Hikiän honeybees.
Or give an exceptional gift and support honeybees in someone’s honor.

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The world without bees is the world without food diversity. Be part of the change to better. Be a sponsor and help us to save honeybees.

Your gift is truly a sacred trust to us. We are committed to a good economy of your sponsor-a-bee contributions. Every single cent counts. We are more than grateful for your trust in our expertise and ability to use the gift funds to help save the bees and help biodiversity of nature.

Your contribution helps us to maintain sustainable living conditions for the bees, setting up new hives and enabling reproduction and increase of new colony(s). It also helps us to promote and administer this program and get even more people to join the cause. Only together can we safeguard biodiversity and the living conditions of pollinators.

Why is a honeybee so important?

Our world and the whole ecosystem are dependent on pollinators. Bees allow many plants and food crops to reproduce, so in fact the food we eat relies on bees and other pollinators.

Imagine if we cannot have berries, coffee, chocolate, fruits, or vegetables anymore. Terrifying. And it is not just food that pollinators contribute. They also directly affect for example medicine, fibers like linen or cotton, biofuels, and some construction materials.

We could almost say bees and other pollinators keep the world running.

That is why it is so crucial for life on Earth that we humans take good care of the pollinators, and their living environment. It is our duty.

The decline in the number of pollinators is upsetting. We must take care of the environment and nature by contributing to the slowdown of climate change and reducing the pollution in the air. These kinds of acts would significantly contribute to solving problems related to food supply and hunger globally.

Be part of the change to better. Help us to help nature and save the bees.

About Hikiän

Hikiän bee farm has been existing for three generations. The beekeeping industry in Finland has developed since the early days but by following the footsteps of his grandfather CEO Reko Nieminen will keep up the traditional sustainable methods.

One visible proof to this are the beehives which are made from wood. This way bees can have as natural habitat as possible. Hikiän wants to make sure we have bees also for the next generations.

To learn more about us and our values, please visit www.hikian.com